Visalia Pathology Medical Group offers a full range of pathology services for physicians and other healthcare providers in Tulare and Kings Counties. Our goal is to provide the most accurate diagnosis in the most timely manner, for clinicians and patients. In our in-house histology laboratory, we perform routine and specialized testing, including immunohistochemistry and image analysis.

Surgical pathology--precise diagnosis of biopsy and surgical specimens. We can provide intra-operative diagnosis by gross examination, frozen section, or cytopathology interpretation. Such services should be limited to cases in which the definitive procedure may be altered by the diagnosis. Additionally, we provide intra-operative assessment for specimen adequacy for certain complicated procedures, such as CT-guided FNA or core biopsy.

Cytopathology--Pap tests and non-gynecologic cytopathology, including body fluid analysis and fine-needle aspirations. For Pap tests, we recommend the ThinPrep® system (Hologic) as the superior method for this all-important test. We perform testing for high-risk HPV, Chlamydia, and N. gonorrheae on ThinPrep® specimens in our laboratory, to minimize turnaround time. 

Fine-needle aspiration--We can perform FNA sampling of palpable masses, in your office. Typically, we can schedule the patient for FNA on the same day that you call us, most often with 24-hour turnaround time for reports.

Clinical pathology: Consultative services only.

Autopsy pathology: Medical autopsies available, as well as consultations. Private autopsies are performed in appropriate cases with proper arrangements for professional services.

Specimen pickup, report delivery, supplies: Our courier will make regular pick-ups and deliveries at your office, as often needed. We will supply biopsy bottles, requisitions, specimen bags, and all Pap test supplies.

Specimen requirements

All specimens should be labeled with the patient’s name and date of collection, with any specific identifying information (e.g., site). A VPMG specimen requisition should be completed, including pertinent history, clinical findings, and clinical differential diagnosis.

Routine biopsies should be placed into 10% neutral buffered formalin.

Fresh specimens for frozen section or other special tests should not be placed into fixative; a saline-moistened gauze sponge in the container will help to prevent dessication. Such specimens should be delivered by stat courier to VPMG. Please call to confirm the appropriate handling.

FNA smears and similar slides may be fixed in alcohol (preferred) or air dried.

Pap samples should be placed into ThinPrep® medium. Standard smears are acceptable but discouraged--see why.

Special media may be used for certain tests--please call ahead to confirm specimen requirements:

  1. Flow cytometry on solid tissue: Place tissue into RPMI and deliver ASAP to Visalia Pathology.

  2. Flow cytometry on fluid or bone marrow aspirate: Place sample into EDTA or lithium/sodium heparin (green top tube) and deliver to Visalia Pathology ASAP.








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