Visalia Pathology is an independent laboratory that provides pathology services for doctors and other healthcare providers. Our services are separate from, and in addition to, services that your own doctor provided to you. Our primary function is to provide diagnosis for doctors on biopsies and surgical specimens. The questions and answers below represent some of the more commonly encountered topics.

How does pathology work?

Normally, we receive a specimen from a doctor or nurse practitioner. Most specimens come in a preservative fluid called formalin. Let’s say that the specimen in question is a skin biopsy. The specimen is examined and described grossly (size, color, etc.); then sections of it are put into a special processor that prepares the tissue for the next step--making slides for examination with the microscope. The diagnoses are made using these slides. The process usually takes about a day; most reports are completed the day after we receive the specimen. Sometimes, special tests are needed and these take a little longer.

We also analyze Pap test specimens, including testing for some sexually-transmitted infections including HPV. For more information on Pap tests, click here.

Where is the pathology report?

The report on a specimen is sent to the doctor who sent us the specimen. You may ask your doctor for this report.

Billing questions

Why did I get a bill from Visalia Pathology?

Visalia Pathology performs services for doctors. Most commonly, we analyze tissue specimens (biopsies and surgical specimens) to provide a diagnosis. These services are not part of the services provided by your own doctor.

Visalia Pathology is not a part of Kaweah Delta Health Care District.

Will my insurance pay the bill?

If you received a bill from Visalia Pathology, your insurance has already paid as much as they will pay us. The bill is the portion that you owe. If we receive further payment from your insurance, we will refund the overpaid portion to you. We accept Visa and Mastercard in addition to personal checks or cash.

Please call if you have a question about your bill--(559)625-0601. Our billing office is open from 7 a.m. until 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Click here for information about Pap tests.







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